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Fruit Tropicana Face Cream With honeysuckle Extract

What do Apple Extracts do?

Grime and dirt rip off the beauty and make your face look ordinary, unpleasing and unhealthy. Pollution and adverse weather further ruins the appeal and you end up with a dark complexion, marks, blemishes and numerous problems to deal with. An apple treatment is all you need to get rid off it all and bring out a healthy skin. Rich in Vitamin C, B and A, coupled with powerful anti oxidants, Apple pampers damaged skin, treats sun burn and tan and gives you the gift of a dazzling skin.

Glycolic Acid in apple unclogs the pores, scrubs off the dead cells and lightens the skin tone. Promoting the cell renewal process, apples remove blemishes and acne effectively. Apple maintains the pH balance of the skin preventing allergic outbursts and inflammations. Dark circles, fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles vanish away when apple works its wand on your skin. Premature aging is a bygone thing when apple is your friend. It keeps the skin clean and moisturized for long.

How do Apricots contribute in maintaining healthy skin?

Apricots, or Prunus armeniaca, are excellent moisturizers for both oily and dry skin. A number of skin problems, including eczema, sunburn as well as itching can be effectively treated with this. This is partly possible because of the presence of skin rejuvenating nutrients, including beta-carotene, as
well as Vitamins A and E.

Along with nourishing the skin, they also improve the turnover of cells; and stimulate the production of collagen. With gentle exfoliation, Apricots keep off the dead and dry skin, even tones the skin texture and moisturize the skin from within by helping in penetration of useful ingredients down to the pores. resulting in a glowing fresh complexion. Wrinkling of the skin slows down as dryness is tackled well by Apricot extracts. Your renewed, cleansed skin glows with health and is safe from the UV rays of the sun as Apricot acts as a shield against sun’s action on the skin.

How is Papaya an effective skin care ingredient?

Acting as a natural moisture cover, Papaya Extracts are great exfoliating agents as well. While keeping the suppleness of the skin intact, Papaya gently cleanses off dirt and impurities from the skin’s surface and deep pore levels to yield a polished and perfect complexion. Hailed as the forerunner in skin whitening products, Papaya Extracts even tone the skin contour and whiten the skin from within.
Papaya is an excellent tan remover. It cancels out the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin and imparts an envious glow on the skin.

What is Honeysuckle Extract and how does it benefit the skin?

One of the oldest medicinal herbs known in history, Honeysuckle is an enticing fragrance herb which proves extremely beneficial for the skin. Honeysuckle has different varieties in China, India, Europe and North America. It smooths the skin’s texture, helps in deep nutrient penetrations and provides a beautiful glow.
Honeysuckle Extract, also known as woodbine, is rich in antioxidants. It deeply moisturizes the skin’s layers and brings about a tremendous transformation in the skin’s contour. The skin looks healthy, has a sheen about itself and is flawless.