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Lemongrass Anti-Pigmentation Face Scrub

Why is exfolation important?

Exfoliation is an important part of a healthy skin care regime. With accumulated dirt and excessive oil, the skin is prone to damage and attack of microorganisms. A smooth skin texture, proper oil balance and suppleness are signs of a skin that breathes with life, vigor and youth. It is important to scrub at least twice a week so as to keep skin unplugged, breathing and clean.
Often scrub are abrasive and in the process of getting rid of dead skin and flakiness,they tend to rip the skin off its natural moisture cover thereby increasing chances of dry patches, wrinkles, pigmentation, blotching and blemishes. Hence it is important that the scrub moistens and nourishes the skin while cleansing it. This makes up for the perfect cleansing, toning and moisturizing needed for a happy and glowing skin.

How does Lemongrass Oil prove to be an effective skin care agent?

This essential oil is known to be a great toner for the skin and a very efficient astringent that helps in cleansing the skin from deep within. Extracted from Cymbopogon citratus, Lemongrass Oil controls the secretion of oil by the sebaceous glands thereby keeping a tab on irregular eruptions and acne. Clogged pores are sign of an unhealthy skin that cannot breathe free and hence is prone to all sorts of infections and attack of microbes. Being a potent antiseptic, Lemongrass Oil is a treat for the skin as it seeps down the skin’s layers and unclogs pores. Being fungicidal in nature, this oil kills the microbes than are a threat to the skin.
Lemongrass Oil smells sweet and is a muscle as well as skin relaxant. It helps in revitalizing stressed skin and brings out a beautiful you everyday.

What is Cedar wood oil and how is it good for the skin?

Extracted from the Juniperus virginiana, Cedar wood oil is a powerful astringent and sedative that keeps the skin cleansed and microbe-free. For skin that is prone to acne, Cedar Wood oil is a boon in disguise as it keeps the oil regulation in control. This helps in driving away impurities and infections and keeping the skin healthy and glowing, minus pimples and break-outs.
Treating marks and blemishes with its efficient action, this a-cedrene and b-cedrene rich oil gently exfoliates the skin, treating it and protecting it. Cedar Wood oil is antiseborrhoeic and antiseptic. Any possible infection fails to act up when Cedar wood oil is in action.

What makes Fenugreek an efficient exfoliant?

Trigonella foenum-graecum, commonly called Methi or Fenugreek seeds are medicinal herbs of which India is the largest producer. The presence of Vitamin C makes Fenugreek perfect for skin exfoliation purposes. Without making the skin feel dry, Fenugreek gently cleanse the skin from within. Its anti-inflammatory action prevents pimples, treats burns, sun burns, tans and tames itchiness. The best thing about Fenugreek is its multifunctional nature. Fenugreek can erase scars and marks within no time. Pigmentation, blemishes and marks fade away in no time to yield a beautiful, flawless skin that breathes with health.

How are Marigold Extracts an important part of skin care?

Calendula of the Daisy family are commonly called Marigold. Apart from their decorative purposes, Marigold are highly medicinal flowers which work like magic on skin. Treating extreme skin conditions like eczema, ulcer etc, Marigold Extracts are potent antiseptics that reduce inflammation, heal the skin and at the same time tone it so as to keep other infections at bay. The skin is left smooth and safe from external factors.
Flavonoids in Marigold Extracts make it a very powerful anti-oxidant. These guard the skin against any sort of cell damage. Dry and sensitive skin is also taken care of by Marigold Extracts keeping in mind the moisture lock needed to contain the natural oils. In case of acne-prone skin, Marigold Extracts prove to be highly beneficial as they boost cell metabolism catalyzing the cell regeneration process. This makes the skin healthy and glowing, without any damages by microbial or solar activity.

What is the role of Apricot Extracts in a good skin regime?

Keeping free radicals at a safe distance, Apricots prove to be efficient ingredients for the beautification of the skin. Highly rich in Vitamin A, Apricots relieve the skin from acne, eruptions, guard from the UV rays of the sun and act as a shield for microbes and dust.
Apricot granules gently cleanse the skin from layers deep within, unclog the pores and clear off dead accumulated skin. An even tone skin texture is clearly evident after use of Apricot for a week. Since Apricot is non-abrasive, it does not dry the skin out rather moisturizes it making other ingredients as effective as they can be. The skin’s complexion brightens excess oil is stripped off the skin surface making the skin happy and healthy.

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